Q: Can I enroll in a CPR class on the same day the class will be taught?
A: No problem; as long as the class is still open, you can enroll.

Q: What do I need to complete before class?
A: Nothing! Just arrive to class 10 minutes early, and wear comfortable clothes. Feel free to bring a snack as well.

Q: Where are classes held?
A: Our location is in San Luis Obispo. Please use the contact us form for classes. Confirmation will be emailed as well as directions.

Q: Do you teach CPR for health care providers?
A: Yes - we teach BLS for Healthcare Providers through the American Heart Association.

Q: Do you cancel classes due to low enrollment?
A: Never! We will conduct all scheduled classes, even those with just one student attending.

Q: What does”BLS” mean?
A: Basic Life Support.

Q: What is an AED?
A: AED stands for automatic external defibrillator.

Q: How long will my certification card be valid?
A: Certification cards for all of the classes we teach are valid for two years from the issue date.

Q: Do you have refresher courses?
A: All our courses can be taken by both first time CPR students and those with previous training. Our classes are performance based - you will move through the skills at your own pace.

Q: I’ve seen online courses in CPR that are more convenient for me. What are the advantages of taking a course in a classroom?
A: While online courses may provide the same basic concepts as an in-class course, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a motor skill, not a cognitive skill, that requires practice and repetition in order to learn effective techniques. Also, many employers will not accept online-only training. With Central Coast CPR, 90% of your class time is spent practicing on mannequins or participating in real life scenarios. Our instructors are there to help you with technique, answer any questions you might have, and most importantly, customize the class to your unique needs.